I am EarthBound

I am EarthBound is my line of 108 malas and Yoga Jewelry and I created it to bring healing energy and beauty into the world. All my 108 Malas are hand-knotted on a strong nylon cord, and my bracelets are handmade with love.

I work with semi-precise gemstones, gemstones, Sandalwood beads and Rudraksha seeds from India. Gemstones have different healing properties, but just choose a mala that speaks to you and reflects your personal energy. When you use a mala to meditate the guru bead will hold all your intentions and prayers. A mala can be used as a tool in your meditation practice, to give you healing energy or you can just wear it as an earthy BoHo accessory as a constant reminder to yourself to stay present and be mindful in your daily life. Check out my WEB SHOP to see what speaks to you!

Contact me if you have any questions or wanna make a custom order.  For custom orders, be as specific as you can, tell me what gemstones you want, what healing properties you are after or what colors you like. If you have an old pendant, amulet, stone or beads from an old or broken necklace I’ll be happy to incorporate them in your new mala. I will get back to you and let you know delivery date and price. I ship within the US and Internationally. For all EarthBound costume orders I require a 50% payment up front and the rest when your yoga jewelry is ready to be delivered.

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