Coach Testimonials

I offer Yoga Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Training & Diet Coach. Everything is online so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are. I will help you reach all your goals! See what other people have to say about my coaching programs.

IMG_0419I’m a professional basketball player in Sweden so it’s very important to me that I have a personal trainer and diet coach I can trust. And I’ve trusted Petra since day one. Petra has helped me more than anyone I’ve ever met before. You always meet a lot of people who claims they know a lot about the body, but Petra truly knows what she’s talking about. Some people might hesitate about hiring an Online Trainer, and I was one of them. But then I gave it a chance and because Petra answers your e-mail immediately, you feel that she’s standing right next to you.
Ebbe Gaznaghi, Stockholm, Sweden

IMG_0421Since I am a firefighter, and I can’t always count on being able to eat at the same times every day. I needed something that would work for me. And that’s exactly what I got. Excellent food with the flexibility that fit my schedule. And some killer crossfit workouts. It was not always easy for me to make healthy food choice, but with the perfect system of e-mail support it became rather easy in the end. I can recommend Petra to everyone that believes in healthy food and good exercise.
Anna Åberg, Linköping, Sweden


I never thought only online communication could be so efficient and helpful, but Petra’s enthusiasm, expertise and service minded attitude was very obvious and the outcome was exactly what I was hoping for. I got a very serious and impressive analyses about my old eating and exercise habits. She introduced me to a personal exercise plan, and lots of food recommendations. It was a real pleasure dealing with Petra and I can highly recommend her services. She gave me the inspiration I needed to be able to start a more active and healthy life.
Anne von Haartman, Portland, OR

IMG_0423I’ve tried to loose a couples of pounds for quite some time and I was feeling frustrated with the lack of results. Petra helped me to ”wake up” and taught me things about my diet I never even knew. All my irregularities and problems with my stomach just went away and I felt better than I done in years. I got back the energy in the gym and burned fat and built muscle. And today I am working at a gym as an fitness instructor. Thanks to Petra I got the courage to pursuit my dream.
Towa Eng, Sweden

FullSizeRenderThe Personal Trainer Online was a solution that suited me perfectly, since I’m working full time as well as taking care of home and family. I received a diet plan as well as an exercise plan. I was a bit taken back by seeing how much I should actually eat, but gradually I started to get the plan going for me. And big surprise! I started loosing weight already the first week! The exercise plan took a bit longer to get into action, but now after about two months I can tell the difference. I feel much stronger, the gym exercises are a lot more fun to do and I find myself eagerly looking forward to the next time in the gym. If you have been thinking about getting a Personal Trainer, don’t hesitate any longer. Having a trainer like Petra online is like having a trainer next door. You get answers and helpful suggestions right away. I’m currently on my way to a much healthier life than ever before.
Maria Lindström, Gothenburg, Sweden