Guided Meditation: De-Clutter Your Life

I am EarthBound

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De-Clutter Your Life is a 15 minute Guided Meditation with focus on letting go of stress, tension, regrets, and holding on to the past. It’s a Guided Meditation that helps you become more present and focus on the things you do have in your life already to be grateful for.

I am guiding you through the entire thing, so no previous meditation experience needed. This is a Guided Meditation for beginners as well as those with a daily meditation practice. After the 14 minutes I allowed the meditation music play for an additional 10 minutes, so you have the option to stay in quit meditation or lay down and relax in Savasana.

You might say you are too busy to meditate. Or that you are too restless to sit still. If so you really could benefit from a daily meditation practice. It is so POWERFUL how just a short daily meditation can change your life. You taking a little time to reconnect and care for yourself will make a HUGE difference. No matter what is going on in your life right now. No matter what you have been through in your life. So give yourself this daily gift of peace and calm and I promise it will change your life.

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