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Yoga & Meditation Testimonials

Petra’s approach to teaching is supportive and challenging at the same time. A private session allows you to personalize the work. This was a huge help to me as I started to go to the larger classes where the pace was more focused on the group practice. She focuses on the details of alignment and body mechanics so that any level of the physical practice can be addressed without stress. She brings humor and creativity to the work.  I have grown so much in my yoga practice over this past year while working with Petra one-on-one and in her classes at The Yoga Shop of Old Saybrook.
Valerie Fales, 200h LivFree Yoga Teacher

We were thrilled when Petra approached us at Aware Recovery Care to provide Yoga to our clients who are on the path to recovery from a life of substance abuse addictions. Each week, a small group of yoga beginners met locally and Petra took us through a very gentle, guided yoga practice. During each practice, Petra would remind us that ” what you are experiencing is just the right thing at this moment in time for you”. The centering meditations and spiritual readings that she offered were very helpful and insightful. It was not unusual to see our clients experiencing deep emotion during the yoga sessions. We heard regularly from clients that they found the sessions very spiritual and healing. Yoga is a great “intervention” for people in recovery and we are very grateful to have had Petra share her teachings with us.
– Ann Webster, Nurse Coordinator at Aware Recovery Care

I have been thinking of you lately, with a lot of gratitude for introducing me to yoga, last July, at Mercy Center. I now practice yoga twice a day, first thing in the morning, and at the end of the afternoon. I attach a picture of myself on the first day I did crow pose, to share with you how far my journey has already taken me. All because of you … I hope you are continuing to guide many on this wonderful journey. Again, thank you so much for beach yoga during my retreat last summer!
– Danielle Julien

When I first joined the Yoga Shop three years ago I could never prepare myself for what would happen next. I met this incredible woman named Petra.  There was an instant connection. After getting to know her through my practice I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to connect at home with her through her guided meditation. I have used these guided meditations countless times. For stress relief, grounding, sleepless nights and just to wind down. She is an absolute gift. I don’t know what I would do without her. Her guided meditations are a must.
– Sarah Kraszewski

I am relatively new to yoga, but can already see the physical and personal benefits. I greatly enjoy Petra’s classes as she brings a true sense of balance and joy to them. I admire that she encourages a level of respect for oneself as well as one’s classmates without ever coming off as too serious. I just had one of my “best” classes with her yesterday and am looking forward to the next.
Marc DeTour

Of all the greatest moments we have had through The Yoga Shop, meditation with Petra at the shops open house is one of the most memorable. Petra’s soothing voice and spiritual nature brought us to levels of calm and peace that we have never reached before.
– Jeff & Jennifer Leigh



The importance of meditation in ones life is seriously misunderstood. When your cellphone battery is low, you charge it. Our mental well being can be reflective of a low battery. And the way to charge your well being is by way of mediation. If you’re not familiar with how to meditate and how to channel your intention. Petra’s guided meditation is a great way to start.
/Kris White, 200h LivFree Yoga Teacher


Gratitude for your teaching. You always teach your class to the fullest, bringing new perspective to both poses and off the mat living.
– Roberta Romeo, 200h LivFree Yoga Teacher