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What's your intention for 2021?

Yes. 2020 has been challenging and hard. I'm not gonna lie, as a small business owner I freaked out a little bit when ALL big yoga festivals and trunk shows got cancelled. I went from having a fully booked calendar nothing. But I am not mad about it. It has been a year of slowing down. Of growing. Sitting with pain. And for me, really figuring out what I want and what I don't want in my life.

I know I couldn't have done it without YOU and your support. And yes, of course with a little help from my friends Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey.

2021 is going to continue to teach us lessons. It's not going to be “back to normal” on January 1. We don't even want “normal”. We don't want to “go back”. We need to move forward, keep doing the work. 

My intention for 2021 is to stay open. To learning. To sitting with discomfort. And to listen to my body. And to stay EarthBound.

What's yours?


As a small thank you I am offering 20% off everything for the rest of the year. Find that special piece for yourself, or someone you love. And my hope is that it will help you stay present and mindful, and remind you of your intention for the rest of the year.