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The EarthBound Story


My name is Petra and I am the owner and jewelry designer here at I am EarthBound. I am a native Swede, born and raised in Stockholm, but for the last 16 years I've lived in the US. Me and my husband, and our four rescue cats, live in a 100 year old farmhouse in the woods in Vermont. I am a social introvert that loves cats (my daydream is to open a cat rescue/cat hotel), cleaning and organizing, plants, walking around in my own forest, Swedish crime novels and movie marathons. Most of the time you'll find me at home, wearing sweatpants, with at least one cat in my lap and drinking way to much coffee. 

So why "EarthBound"? The Swedish word Jordnära translates to earthbound in English, and this has always been my absolute favorite word. "Jord" means "Earth" and "nära" means "being close to". For me EarthBound stand for being down to earth, grounded, rooted and firmly attached to the earth. So that's how the name "I am EarthBound" was born.

I am EarthBound is my line of 108 Malas and Yoga Jewelry, and I created it to bring healing energy and beauty into the world. Everything you see in my web shop is handmade by me. All my 108 Malas are hand-knotted and my all my yoga jewelry are handmade with 100% love. I work with semi-precise gemstones, gemstones, sustainably sourced sandalwood beads and rudraksha seeds from India. I am vegan - so obviously all my jewelry is as well. I only work with nylon cord and faux silk tassels (my tassels are the softest and highest quality tassels you’ve ever seen). Most of my amulets, charms and pendants are from Thailand, India and Turkey.

I personally pick everything out to make sure it not only is high quality, but also has the right healing energy. When a 108 Mala or a bracelet is done, I always put it on my altar and I have a small ceremony. I light a Jasper smudge stick, I play my Tibetan singing bowl, put it on my Selenite plate to cleanse its energy and then sit in meditation for a few minutes. Just to send it off to you with the greatest energy and love possible.

Send me an e-mail if you have any questions, want to place a special order or just say hello. I can't wait to hear from you! And oh, also SIGN UP for my newsletter and get 20% off your next order!