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Mala Repair

Eventually all malas will need to be re-strung. But know that if and when your mala breaks, it just symbolizes a broken karmic cycle. It’s a sign to bring new intentions into your life as your current ones no longer serve you.
I will re-string your mala for free if it breaks within six months from purchase. You need to follow the gemstone care rules for this to apply. And also, you need to have all the beads. I do not re-string for free if you slept with your jewelry, forced your mala around your wrist, went swimming or showered with it, exposed it to chemicals or had a child or an animal break it. But hey, life happens, so of course I will still help you out!
    • Mala $54 + shipping
    • Mala Wrap Bracelet $20 + shipping
    • Bracelets $5 + shipping
    Contact me at if you have any questions.