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My mala is absolutely beautiful and very well made. I've already used it in my meditation practice a couple of times and I am so happy to have found I am EarthBound for yoga jewelry. Petra's stuff is the best!
- Corey Scheer


Absolutely stunning work! I could not be more thankful for this beautiful mala that is representative of me! And I am beyond exited to find I am EarthBound Podcast and your guided meditations. What a gift. Thank you so much!
- Sarah Kraszewski


Obsessed with my new mala from I am EarthBound. Petra is simply amazing. She puts so much tought into each piece and every mala is hand-knotted. Thank you Petra!
- Caitie Holik


I wanted a "yoga bracelet" that I felt represented the love from whitin, that could be seen by all. I purchased a lava infused aromatherapy bracelet from Petra, that I sincerely wear everyday. It is well made, crafted jewelry created with love. I highly recommend I am EarthBound.
- Kris White


My malas made by Petra have been part of my daily life since i started practicing yoga. They are with me on and off my mat. Handmade with care in playful combinations of natural elements from the Earth. She has also made one for me from precious beads that once belonged to my mom. Thank you Petra!!!
- Valerie Fales