Jewelry Care

My malas and bracelets are made on strong nylon and stretch cord and I work with high quality gemstones, tassels and amulets. But there are a few things you need to think about so your piece don’t break.
    Don’t sleep with your yoga jewelry. Store in dry, clean place.
    Never try to force your mala over your wrist
    Don’t shower with your yoga jewelry. Contact with water will make your jewelry eventually break, especially if strung on stretch cord.
    Don’t expose to salt water.
    Don’t expose to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, detergents or lotions and perfumes with chemicals and fragrance. Chemicals will erode the finish of your gemstone.
    Avoid wearing your yoga jewelry in any activity where there might be high impact. A blow can damage and crack the stones. Never throw a gemstone on a hard surface, like a marble kitchen counter or glass table.
    Don’t use jewelry cleaner or clean with water, just wipe off with damp cloth if you need to clean it.
    Gemstones can fade if exposed to strong sun
    Keep gemstone jewelry out of reach of children.
    A tassel will break if someone pulls hard on it.
    Same rules as gemstone beads, don’t sleep, shower, swim or expose to chemicals.
    All wood beads will darken with time, and become a bit glossier from contact with skin. The more you wear them the more beautiful patina they will get.
    If your mala or bracelets starts to look dry, don’t try to wash or rub with oils. Just start wearing it more. The oil from your skin is all they need.
    To bring back the scent of Sandalwood beads, just store in a zip lock bag over night. That’s it!
    Avoid contact with oils directly on the beads.
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