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Can I make a special order?
Yes of course! Just let me know what you want and I’ll work with you. And if you have an old pendant, stone or beads from a broken necklace I’ll be happy to incorporate them in your new mala or bracelet. For all special orders I require 100% payment upfront (via safe online payment). No exchanges or returns on special orders.

What if my mala breaks?
Eventually all malas will need to be re-strung. And just know that if and when your mala breaks it just symbolizes a broken karmic cycle. It’s a sign to bring new intentions into your life as your current ones no longer serve you. If your mala breaks within six month after shipment, I will restring it for free. After that I will restring your mala for a $54 + shipping (if you still have all the beads, and followed the jewelry care rules). I will also help you re-string your mala, even if you bought it somewhere else.

I don’t know what gemstone to pick.
I always say pick a mala that speaks to you. It might be as simple as you just liking the color. If you want to learn more about gemstones and their healing qualities click here.

How do I pay for my order?
You can pay with any credit card, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal and Shop Pay.

How much is shipping?
It’s all depending on what product you order and on where in the world you want the product shipped. When you order in the web shop it calculates the shipping cost so you will know before you place your order.

Where does I am EarthBound ship from?
Manchester, Connecticut in The United States.

Do you accept orders outside of the US?

Do I have to pay customs fees if I order internationally?
Most countries have a shipment value amount, if you order above that you might have to pay a costume fee. In Sweden the value amount is 500 SEK. If you want to check your country’s rules click here and choose United States as origin country, your country and click the box “value limits”.

How long will it take before I receive my order?
2-4 business days within the US. 1-2 weeks for international shipping.

Can I exchange or return a product?
We will work with you and offer store credit if you for some reason is not 100% satisfied with your product. Do know that gemstones varies and are all one of a kind, and also some gemstones looks different in a photo compared to daylight (the photos on my web-shop has not been photo shopped and do not have any special filters). Extra shipping and distribution fee will be added. No exchanges or returns on special orders.


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