• Chakra Healing Guide

    Chakra Healing Guide

    You probably heard about chakras, but maybe not really understood what they are. Here is a guide that helps you understand the chakras and how to keep them in balance.

  • What is a Mala?

    What is a Mala?

    What is a mala? What is the meaning of the number 108? How do you meditate with a mala? And what is the proper way to take care of a mala? Learn everything (well almost everything) you want to know here!

  • Create an Altar

    Create an Altar

    I firmly believe that if you want to have a meditation practice you have to create space for it. Both mentally - but also physically. It can be a meditation room, but it can also be a corner in your bedroom or inside your walk-in-closet. Anywhere in your home that you can sit by yourself and get a little peace and quit.

  • Mudra Meditation Guide

    Mudra Meditation Guide

    A mudra is a specific position of the fingers that influence the energies of the body and your mood. They can help you to focus the mind and find balance and flow in the five elements that exists within the body (space, air, fire, water and earth) and move them in the proper direction in order to fulfill a specific purpose.