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  • Balance your Root Chakra

    Balance your Root Chakra

    Are you feeling stressed, worried and disconnected? It might be your root chakra that is out of balance. Here is what you can do about it!

    Chakras are centers of energy, located on the mid-line of the body and outside the body (over the head and down into the earth). The Chakras are like disc shaped “energetic motors” within the mental, emotional and physical energy fields in and around your body. The chakras houses our mental and emotional strengths, but if we have physical issues it will create a weakness in our emotional behavior. And vice versa. There are many techniques to keep your chakras opened and balanced. Read more about all the chakras in my Chakra Healing Guide.

    The Root Chakra (Mooladhara Chakra in sanskrit) is located at the base of the spine and the color of this chakra is red. The word connected to this chakra is "I am" and the balancing mantra is "Lam". The Root Chakra stands for connection to the earth, survival instincts, basic needs, inherited believes and self-preservation.

    If the Root Chakra is closed you might feel very worried about your basic needs, you don’t feel safe and you feel disconnected. If it is over-active you may show signs of being materialistic and greedy, obsessed with being secure and resist change.


    Physical signs of an imbalanced Root Chakra can be pain in lower back, legs and feet. So what can you do to balance your Root Chakra. Number one is to go outside! Walk around barefoot and feel the grass, sand, gravel or forest floor under your feet. Try to reconnect with the earth. 



    Balancing gemstones: Lava, Smokey Quartz, Jasper, Black Onyx, Garnet, Hematite and Bloodstone.
    Balancing scents: Sandalwood, Orange, Jasmin and Peppermint.
    Balancing yoga poses: Tadasana, Easy Seat, Child’s Pose and Malasana.
    Balancing mantra: Lam.
    Balancing mudra: Thumb and index finger to touch.