Angelite is a stone with a peaceful energy, serenity and a calming and soothing vibration. It can help to relieve tension, anger and stress. It’s a wonderful stone when you need to calm down from feelings of stress and overwhelm. Angelite dispels fear, anger, and encourages forgiveness. Many people choose to use it is because it both aids you to connect with angels, and is also helpful to assist you to make contact with spirit guides. It is a strong communication stone and is connected to the Throat Chakra (truth, communication, choice). It is also connected to the Third Eye Chakra (intuition, knowledge, divine wisdom) and Crown Chakra (connection, life force, higher power). Angelite also sends energy to the Soul Star Chakra (the Eight Chakra located six inches above your head) and it stands for a gateway to your Higher Self, spiritual growth. letting go and enlightenment.
Affirmation: I am in touch with the Universe.

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