Why Do I Have All This Stuff?!

Today I got another pile of kinda random stuff. Mostly from deep in my kitchen cabinets. I am really not a cut flowers kinda girl, I am more into plants and orchids, so the question is why do I have this many vases? I still have a few left in my cabinet that I couldn’t really let go of. Mostly because I felt that I person needs a vase. But really do they? I will re-visit this cabinet later into this challenge and see where I am at. Also, why do I have a cheese platter? There is nothing wrong with it. It actually looks pretty good with wood and iron handles. Totally my style. Not because I am vegan (there are so many delicious vegan cheeses out there) but because I don’t do cheese platter kinda things. I might have gotten this as a wedding gift, but I’m not sure. If I did get it as a wedding gift it is very possible I even registered for it. The deeper I get into this 30 Day Less Is More Challenge the more I am blown away with all the stuff I have that I never, ever use. It is totally bonkers!!!

Today I got rid of 1 big barrel, 1 cup cake tray, 6 different vases, 1 candle holder, 1 dip tray where two of the porcelain holders has been cracked, 1 popcorn thing, 1 small lantern, 1 thing on wheel for grocery shopping (I guess, never used it for anything), 1 some sort of cheese platter tray and 1 old yoga mat. The things that are in good shape goes into the donation bin.

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