I’ve Gotten Rid Of 91 Things So Far …

So here we are at the two-week mark. So far I have let go of 91 things. After today it will be 105 things. That is kinda crazy right? I am only half way through and already I have gotten rid of more than 100 things. 100 things that I didn’t use, need or love. 100 things that I didn’t use, need or love but still I had in my own home. Holding on to for no reason at all. Cluttering my life. A lot of these things have been small items so it doesn’t really make a huge impact on the space in my house. But it has already made a huge impact on my emotional and spiritual space. In one week from today I will have sold, donated or trashed 231 things. And at the end of day 30 the number will be 465. Four hundred and sixty five things. Let’s stop for a second and let that sink in. Four hundred and sixty five things I been holding on to, that I didn’t need or use. And that I definitely didn’t love. I have been avoiding my closet this far (besides those yoga tights on day two) because it’s way harder for me to get rid of clothes compared to things. It’s like I for some reason have a deeper emotional connection to my clothes, more memories with different item of clothing and more “I might need this someday” thoughts. I have a lot of “I’m gonna wear this when …” stuff. So today I am going in my walk-in closet and picking 14 items that I don’t use or love. I know it’s dumb but I am still kinda bummed out I didn’t do this challenge before I donated 4 trash bags of clothes a few weeks back. But again, I am not looking for easy. I am looking for a change. And easy it was not. When I got 10 items out of my closet I just felt like no, there is not one single item in here that I don’t use (which is a BIG lie and I know it, but hey it’s a process right and I’ll get there when I am ready). So with that said, I am very proud to be able to present 14 items today. The one that are in good shape goes in the donation bin, the rest in the trash.

I got 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of harem pants, 4 pair of yoga tights, 3 workout tops, 1 t-shirt, 1 long sleeve and 1 bike t-shirt. And oh yes a pile of underwear and one sports bra. A grand total of 14 items. Phew!

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