Time To Clean The Office Drawers

Lucky number 13. Today I dug deep into my office drawers. I did find out that I own a very large number of magnets. Not sure why, but I do. I still saved the ones I will use but the rest will go straight into the donation bin. I also found a few of those letter stencils. I guess I bought them a while back with the idea I was gonna use them. But I never did. So I will give them to someone who will actually use them. I also had an old and broken letter opener. I always rip my mail open using my fingers so this one serves no purpose. I also got rid of clips, push pins and some more magnets. 13 things out of my house and into the donation bin. There are still things left in the office drawers that I think I might need to give up, but right now I didn’t feel ready. I will revisit the office drawers later in this challenge and see if I am ready to let go. If and when this happens to you during the challenge just be ok with that. Let a small setback be part of the process. Letting go is not easy.

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