Cleaning Out The Bathroom Cabinet

So today I thought I might have a look in my bathroom cabinets. I don’t buy or use a lot of beauty products or make up and stuff. For body lotion, face cream day and night, foot cream, hair oil, teeth oil pulling and make up remover I just use Organic Raw Coconut Oil. And when it comes to any kind of makeup routine I just use one brown eye brow pen, one eye shadow, mascara and some rouge. To get a sunny glow (especially during the winter months, but also during summer since I don’t like to lay on the beach) I use a self-tanning lotion from Kiss My Face. I guess that’s it. Yeah, besides deodorants, contact lens stuff, tooth brush and Sandalwood scented body oil (I never, ever use perfume since it has fragrance and toxic stuff that I do not want on my skin). But I know there is stuff there I never use. I should easily be able to get 12 things out of there. Probably way more.

1 face cleaner I got as a gift from someone, 1 spray to clean my glasses that I got from my eye doctor, 1 rouge that is way too dark and does not work on my completion, 1 worn out foot file, 1 pimp stone, 1 bracelet, 1 powder, 1 used up lip balm, 2 facial oils I never use, 1 scented roll on stick that is way after its used by date and 1 of those crinkle iron (please don’t ask me why I have it, I probably saw a movies from the 80’s and got inspired or something). Everything except the crinkle iron is unfortunately going straight in the trash or recycle bin.

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