Any “Monsters” Under Your Bed?

Today I was gonna start to look in the plastic storage bins under my bed. We all store stuff under our beds, even though we know that this is stuff we probably will never, ever use. This is where all that exercise equipment ends up. I know I have stuff from my scuba diving days (that was almost 15 years ago but I still hold on to it). I think there might be some old, ugly Christmas decorations under there. What else? Like this is the scary part, why am I holding on to stuff when I obviously don’t use it (it’s been under the bead collecting dust for years and years) and I don’t even remember what it is. So you hold on for a second while I go and drag out the boxes from underneath my bed …

… ok, I’m back. I didn’t have as much as I expected under the bed, which is a good thing. I guess this minimalist thing has been a thing in my life and in my mind for some time already. But I did fins these items: One pair of scuba diving fins. They are very nice and I remember paying a lot for them, and the boots, but the last time I used them was probably … well I can actually tell you because in the bin was also my Dive Log Book (a journal where you log all your dives). So my last dive was in 2005. So I have been storing the fins, boots, mask and snorkel for 12 years! So now it’s time to let go. What else did I find under the bed then? Six chair cushions, Christmas decoration and ribbons I never use. All in the donation bin. Oh this feels so great! The space under my bed is actually empty now!

You wanna dive in a bit deeper? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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