Double Digit Day!

Ok, here we go. Double digit day! Not as scary as I thought it would be, I am getting less and less attached to things. I am coming closer and closer to the fact that I don’t need all this stuff. Like really don’t need it. I am totally ok with me holding on to the things that I need, the things that I use and the things that actually brings me joy. The rest I am done with! The clutter. The things that we all have stuffed in drawers and closets, and even if we close the door we still on some level always know that it is there and it is wearing us down. And in today’s society we work so hard and so much so we can live in big of a house, have expansive cars, to many new gadgets, expensive clothes, shoes and handbags. For what? It doesn’t really bring us any real joy or long term happiness. It’s simply the only way we can show others how “successful” we are, and how seemingly happy we are. And it forces us to spend 50-60 hours a week working and no time to even enjoy that life we are pretending that we have. And very important here is to mention that most of this stuff we don’t really own. We bought it on credit with money we don’t have, so it is actually the bank who owns all your stuff. And then we put it up all over social media to show how happy we are. And all of us look at other people’s lives and compare that one photo taken in one split second of someone’s life and we compare it to our real lives. And then all we want is to have more. More stuff. I never was a big spender or shopper. But yes, there has been many times when I’ve gone into a store, not needing anything, but walking out with a bag filled with stuff. In my case mainly yoga clothes, interior design stuff, tea mugs, pretty notes books (ugh, how many of those $3.99 notebooks from Marshall’s can one person legally have), books and things for the cats. 10-15 years ago there was not one day when I got home from work that I wasn’t carrying a shopping bag with some stuff I bought on the way home. It was as normal to me as brushing my teeth, I just did it on an impulse without any thought. But for the last couple of year I have been way more mindful and stopped myself in action. When I am in a store I simply ask myself “is this item a want or a need”. It almost always is a want so I put it back. Most of the time I still try to argue with myself saying that “I don’t have this item in this color” or “but it is so inexpensive” or “I had a rough day so I deserve this”. Just because I don’t have any yoga tights in that shade of blue does not mean that I need them. And this thing with the price, it is so easy to get blinded just because the price is so low, I know that when I go to Marshall’s I go a bit bananas. Like who can resist a pair of yoga tights with cool print for only $14.99? Well, now I can because I know that it doesn’t matter what they cost. If I don’t need them I don’t need them. And if you had a rough day isn’t it so much better to have coffee with a good friend, go for a long walk in the woods, take a yoga class or just go home and hang out with the people that you love?

Ok, enough about money and spending (even though I can talk about that for like forever). In today’s get rid of pile I have 1 old rusty milk bottle, 1 serving plate, 1 wooden chips and dip tray, 1 terracotta thing for sprouting, 1 utensil and napkin holder, 6 napkin rings (they belong together so this counts as one item), 1 coffee travel mug, 1 glass olive oil bottle, 2 rusty and dented lanterns and 1 glass bowl. Everything (besides the rusty and dented stuff) goes in the donation bin.

You wanna dive in a bit deeper? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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