More Recycling Stuff

Yesterday I went through all my old paint buckets and I found some stuff that I no longer need or use, and some stuff that had been dried out. Water based paint is recyclable – but oil based paint is hazardous and is actually illegal to throw out in the trash! On the app iRecycle I just learned that water, acrylic or latex based paint should be dried out completely, so just open the lid and let the paint dry out, before recycling. In some states the paint can be recycled curbside, in other states you need to take it to a recycling station or Household Hazardous Waste Program. Find out what rules apply where you live in the app, just search under paint and use your zip code. When it comes to spray paint it all depends on if the can is empty or not. If it is empty, the can goes into your regular steel or aluminum recycling bin. If there is still paint left it should go to your Household Hazardous Waste place. Again just search the iRecycle app and find out where the closest one is from where you live and when they are open.

Today I am getting rid of these 9 paint containers, some small acrylic bottles, some water based paint samples and then some old empty spray paint cans.  I will dry out the water and acrylic based ones and figure out where to recycle the spray cans.

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