Getting Rid Of Bigger Items

Today I started to look at some bigger items. I never had any furniture in storage or anything like that, so I really don’t have any big stuff that I don’t use. Like there is no chair just sitting there being all ugly or in the way. And I don’t have any furniture just to fill up space, or to have until I find something else that I actually love. But I do have this mirror that I haven’t used in years. It has just been sitting I a closet waiting for I don’t know what. But now the wait is over. I’m not sure if I can even donate this since it has been painted and got some stains and even a crack in the frame. I also found these letter/magazine organizers. I like the idea of them (here we are again liking the idea of things) but I honestly have not used them in over 3 years. They just sit in the closet waiting for that great office space to just appear. But even if I did get that great office space I don’t think I would use them anyway. Simply because I don’t save magazines and I have no need or desire to display incoming or outgoing mail. So out they go. And this old aluminum bin is broken, the handles fell off years ago. So I just use it to store more crap in my closet. Not anymore! And to complete today’s task of seven things I add these three candle holders. I have so many candle holders and these I am not in love with, so no more holding on. These can definitely go in the donation bin.

You wanna dive in a bit deeper? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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