Don’t Go For The Easy Way

Ok day five. I have five espresso cups and six plates. And in a weak moment I thought to myself “great, now I got day five and day six all taken care off”. But I stopped myself really quick because that was me trying to make it easier for myself, and honestly trying to find a loop hole. So none of that. Things that comes in a set counts as one thing. They are really cute and I really like the idea of them. Or rather the idea of me sitting in a comfortable arm chair in front of the fire place, reading a book and sipping on a hot espresso. I got these cups at a Tag Sale for like almost nothing, probably 8-9 years ago. If I have used them? Never. Probably because I am not a small coffee cup kinda girl, and I never drink espresso unless I am eating out at a nice restaurant. I like my coffee in big cups. So why did I even buy small espresso cups (probably because they were so inexpensive and I liked the idea of them). It is so interesting how we get attached to the idea of things. We paint up scenarios in our heads of that picture perfect moment when we will use them. We imagine how we will feel when we use them at that perfect moment. But when that moment comes it has nothing to do with the espresso cups, they will make no difference. Happiness does not come in a shape of an espresso cup. So goodbye espresso cups that I never used. Into the donation bin you go.

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