Getting Rid Of Random Things

So it seems I am super organized and getting rid of things in categories. Like one candle holder, two pair of yoga pants, three hats … I guess that how it goes because when you look for things for get rid of you don’t run around like a crazy person your house, you open one cabinet and start there. So obviously things will appear to be in the same category. But today I thought I might challenge myself and get rid of four random things, like that don’t belong together at all. You might think that’s no biggie, but for a person with a bit of OCD this can be a challenge for sure. But I might as well start to practice, when I get into the double digit days it might be really hard to find things that belong together.

Ok, in today’s random pile you’ll find one porcelain utensil holder, one sandwich container (here I almost stopped myself thinking that I might need this item one day. But this goes in the “just in case category”. This is the stuff we hold on to because we think we might need them in the future, but if you haven’t used it in like a year what are the chances you’ll need them in the future), one black IKEA lantern and one glass pitcher. These things all go into the donation bin.

You wanna dive in a bit deeper? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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