Getting Rid Of Things Is My New Hobby

Day three and things still feel pretty easy. I know it sounds totally weird and bonkers, but getting rid of things is like my new hobby. The thing I do “struggle” with is sticking to the plan, I could totally put 50 things in the donation bin like right now, just because it feels so liberating and apparently it’s my new hobby. But I am sticking to the plan. Day three means three things.

On today’s 30 Day Less Is More list are these three hats I never, ever use. The black one is way too tight and gives me like splitting headache, the blue one is also too small but in a way that it sits on the top of my head and doesn’t really cover my ears, and the straw hat … Well the straw hat is like so good on paper, but I look like an idiot wearing it. I’m simply not one of those girls that can pull off a straw hat. I bought it before a trip to Costa Riva and I saw myself walking on the beach, barefoot, wearing a long flowy white dress and of course with the hat on my head looking all amazing and boho chic. Seriously people, why do we hold on to things like this? Those pants that are too small, that sweater that itches, that jacket you don’t even like and will never, ever wear. Or maybe it’s that thing you got from your mom or a friend and you hold on to it, not because you like it, but to make them happy. Like have it stuffed in your closet and put out on a table on display or whatever when that person comes over. Ok. Hats in donation bin. Done and done!

You wanna dive in a bit deeper? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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