I Am Feeling Lighter Already

Second day of the 30 Day Less Is More Challenge. I got to be honest with you, ever since yesterday I have been walking around here at home looking in closets and drawers and cabinets and thinking about the two items I am gonna get rid of today. Thinking and planning. And it was actually kinda fun. Who knew that planning on getting rid of stuff was fun. But not only is it fun, it is already starting to feel cathartic. I feel lighter in a strange kind of way. Very strange considering I only got rid of one golden tea light holder so far. But it’s like the decision to do this just made me feel free. Yes, free is the word! I feel light and free. I hope as many as possible of you, my readers, are getting inspired to do this with me because I literally think this will change your life. I am done with this consumer life style (and I was never a big shopper to begin with), I am done with mindlessly cluttering up my life with stuff. I want to have less stuff and less distractions so I can live more. This fricking calls for a HELL YEAH!!! Like a stand up and screaming HELL YEAH situation. Right?

Before I get too excited and too much off track. Day two. Ok, get rid of two things. Well, today I am getting rid of these two pairs of yoga tights. There is nothing wrong with them. Besides the fact that they are not that comfortable to wear, they are simply a bit too low cut in the waist for my taste. I never wear them. I think I held on to them because they looked good on the hanger and that they are name brands and kinda expensive. One pair is a pair of grey ALO Yoga Moto tights and the other a pair of blue Beyond Yoga tights. I liked the idea of them, if they fit me better I would definitely wear them. But they don’t. So they are going in the sell bin.

You wanna dive in a bit deeper? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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