First Step Towards Happiness!

Ok here we go. This is the first day of the 30 Day Less is More Challenge. This is a challenge were you get rid of stuff you don’t need, that you don’t use, that you don’t love and that are weighing you down – and instead you will create space, both physically and mentally, and get more freedom, more control and more happiness in your life. You want some of that? Well join me! I was originally gonna do a 21 Day Challenge, because I started to count how many things I had to get rid of in 30 days, and to be honest, it kinda scared me a bit. Like whoooa … how is that even gonna be possible? That’s like over 460 things. I am not a fricking hoarder, dude! Do I really have that much stuff? I am not sure (I probably do but hey, a little denial in the beginning of the challenge is ok, right). But you see here’s the thing, I really got into this minimalist thing a few weeks ago and I donated like four big trash bags of clothes to the Salvation Army and I threw out maybe 4-5 trash bags of just stuff. So now I’m on some level kinda bummed out … I mean this challenge would have been so much easier if I still had all that stuff. But then again, I am not looking for easy. I am looking for having less so I can live more.

So here we go. Day one. One thing to get rid of. One thing. Ok, I got it. Today on day one I will get rid of this pine cone shaped lantern. It is very pretty and all, but when you light a tea light candle it never really lights up. It’s like the gold colored glass is to dark or something, the light never shines through. So it has been sitting in a drawer for years. The reason that I kept holding on to it was not because it was valuable nor has any sentimental value to me. I just liked the look of it and the idea of it, like I almost thought it was gonna just magically start to shine brighter if I just held on to it. Silly. So today it is sayonara to this little tea light holder. In the donation bin it goes.

You wanna dive in a bit deeper? Check out my De-Clutter Your Life E-Course HERE.

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