Do You Wanna Be Happier?

Do you want to live more? Do you want to be happier? Have more freedom, passion and joy in your life? And more time for family, friends and relationships? Of course you do! Join me on a 30 Day Less Is More Challenge where you will de-clutter your home and make space for things that actually matters and brings real value to your life.

By: Petra Axlund Stegman

Today we all have so much stuff. Stuff we think we need. Stuff we think we have to have to become happy. Stuff we have because we bought them to get that short term rush. Stuff we have simply because shopping is a way to numb. Stuff to fill that void we feel deep inside. Stuff we don’t even own because we bought them on credit with money we don’t really have. But stop for one minute and think about what REALLY adds value to your life. Like real value. It’s not another pair of shoes, not the latest electronic device, not more stuff for you to hang in your closet or put in a drawer. So what is it then that adds real value to your life? Take a minute and think about it before. Write down 5-10 things on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you’ll see it every day.

To become aware and to start questioning our behavior we all just do without even thinking about it, in a world where we get so attached to things, in a world where we think stuff can buy happiness and shopping is a sport. In a world where we no longer know the difference between “I need” and “I want”. So good for you! Now you know your own core values. The things that really matters. That brings you real joy and happiness. But what is the next step? Well, simply to start to around look in your own home. What stuff do you have that you use often, that you really need, things that brings real value to your life, things you truly love and that makes you happy. Well, those things you keep and treasure. But then, what things do you have that does nothing for you? The things you have stuffed away in storage, closets or drawers for “I might need this one day”. The things you have to many of. Like why do you need ten mixing bowls? Are you planning on opening a restaurant? If not, donate! And honestly do you really need that many sweaters, jeans, yoga tights, shoes or whatever it is you have in your closet? By clearing your life of all the clutter and materialistic distraction you can start to focus on what really matters, the essential stuff like your health, your relationships with family and friends, your community, your passions, you being a part of something bigger.

This is all about to have less so you can live more. Less worry. Less overwhelm. Less fear. Less debt. Less guilt. More freedom. More time. More value. More living in the moment. More real happiness. So join me on this journey and do The 30 Day Less Is More Challenge with me! This challenge is going to help you de-clutter your home and your life and you will find that when you have less stuff dragging you down you will be able to live more! So every day you get rid of something you don’t need or love. It can be clothing, shoes, electronics, furniture, decorations, books, tools, exercise equipment. Anything goes. You can sell, donate, give it away or trash it. It sounds pretty easy, right? But here is the challenge. Day one you get rid of one thing. Day two you get rid of two things. Day three you get rid of three things. Day four … well, you get the drift right? So towards the end of the challenge is when it starts to get really challenging. Day 28 you get rid of 20 things. Day 29 you get rid of 29 things and finally Day 30 you get rid of 30 things.

It’s more fun (and you will stay accountable) if you do this with a friend. So challenge one or more friend to do this with you. The one person that can stick with the challenge the longest wins. To stay even more accountable, and to inspire others, start documenting your 30 Day De-Clutter Challenge on social media. Every day you post a photo of the stuff you got rid of and write something about why you could let this thing go and how it made you feel. Share your victories and your struggles. Use the hashtag #30daylessismore so we can follow your journey. And tag me at @earthboundyogadesign so I can see all the stuff you are getting rid off.

If you want more help and guidance you can get my brand new De-Clutter Your Life E-Course. This E-Course will give you all the tools you need to get stated on you De-Cluttering Journey. The course includes an information packed 60 minutes audio lesson and slides, 19 page transcripts, worksheets and assignments for you to print and a De-Clutter Guided Meditation to help you let go – and focus on what’s important. All this will be yours for the low special introductory price $29.99 (regular price $39.99).

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