Day 92 – I’m still here

I know, I haven’t blogged in like forever and ever. And you might wonder how my 111 Day Challenge is going. So here is a quick update. I am still doing the challenge. But in a completely different way than I had in mind when I started. I was as some of you know in a car accident almost a year ago (an idiot, pardon my french, was driving and texting and slammed into me on the highway). Well anyway, my back is still not better. As a matter of fact it’s worse. I’ve had and almost learned to live with chronic pain, been seeing my doctor what feels like once a month and my PT once a week. And since I am not getting better I am seeing an orthopedic in the next weeks and hopefully getting an MRI. To figure out once and for all what is wrong. It could be a slipped or even a cracked disc.

So my yoga looks very different now as you can understand. Very gentle and often just gentle warm-up on a heating blanket followed my gentle back exercises. But they say that until you go through something really difficult or painful you’re not really practicing yoga. I am more or less an expert on yoga for back pain these days. So there is always something good, always a light in the tunnel and always opportunity for self-study and growth. That’s how I choose to see it.

Yoga: Super restorative.

Meditation: Oh yes.

Self-Love: Listening to my body.

Digital Detox: I have not been doing any mindless scrolling on facebook since I removed the app from my phone.  And that was December 4 people! How great is that?

Downshifting: Two days off chilling.

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