Day 54 – I’m just here for the Savasana

So for about a week now I have been dealing with a head cold. Sore throat, sniffly nose, coughing, fever that comes and goes and a head two sizes too small. So my yoga practice has been a lot of savasana and meditation. And some restorative poses on bolster, blocks and blankets. I am longing for a hot power class, to stand on my head and do all kinds of fun stuff. But I guess it will just have to wait. Not super fun but I am ok with it. It’s been a hectic few months for me so I get that my body is telling me to slow down. And if it is something I learned from practicing yoga and mindfulness for 17 years, it is listening to my body. I think it was Oprah that said that you will always get signs. It starts as someone is throwing small little pebbles at you. If you don’t pay attentions the signs will become like someone is throwing bigger stones at you. If you still don’t pay attention the stones becomes big bricks and eventually the entire house will fall down on top of you. And then you’ll listen. So I am perfectly fine with my savasana practice for now.

Yoga: Super restorative.

Meditation: Still doing my morning meditation.

Self-Love: So many warm baths. Love!

Digital Detox: I will write an entire post about this soon, but my life after Facebook is great!

Downshifting: So looking forward to a few days off for Christmas with my husband.

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