Day 40 – And the challenge keeps on going

ss chairSo day 40. This is usually when I end my yoga challenges. So it feels a bit weird and a bit cool that I am going to continue to do this for another 71 days. Better not say stuff like that out load because it sounds pretty scary and crazy. Or? Well, maybe not. I do practice yoga everyday anyway. And I do meditate everyday anyway. It’s just when you put a number on it that you start to think about it. And some people have been worrying about me, sending me messages about me pushing myself to hard and putting myself in risk of getting injured. Let me calm all of you down right away. I am already injured. My low back and neck are all out of wack, especially the last months or so has been awful! I can’t believe I am still dealing with this almost one year after the car accident. But what I am trying to say is that I go a lot of very gentle yoga, restorative and yin. Most of it at home. And when I do go to a studio I modify a lot. So no need to worry. This chica is taking it way slow.

On a completely different topic. This daily blog report did not quit work out, did it. I hope you are still fine with that and still following my journey. I will try to blog a little bit more consistent but I know that everyday might be too much for me. I want this to be filled with joy and not feel like a chore. I hope you guys understand. So say that my goal is going to be to blog a few times a week. Once a week as a bare minimum. But if you want more you can always follow me on Instagram. You’ll find me as  and as @petraaxlundyoga ans as @earthboundyogadesign

Yoga: Lots of gentle yoga. And lots of rehab training, like just doing slow cobras up and down and laying in restorative back bends on a yoga bolster. I would usually get frustrated not being able to practice Hot Power Vinyasa a few times a week, but this time around I am actually enjoying all this slow flow.

Meditation: Still doing my 5am morning meditation.

Self-Love: A bad back do remind you to take bubble baths and lay on the Shakti Nail Mat, so that is one good thing.

Digital Detox: Contemplating if I need to remove my Facebook app from my phone. I have removed a lot of people so nothing I don’t want to see pops up in my feed, but I still fins myself mindless scrolling. Can you people believe what a struggle this is. It is ridiculous! How are you doing with your digital detox? Please tell me I am not alone in this struggle …

Downshifting: There might be a HUGE downshift on its way in my life. I’ll tell you more as soon as I know.


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