Day 33: Week of Gratitude

IMG_0676I know there are a few of you out there doing the 111 Day Challenge with me. Can you believe we are at day 33 already? I had a dip both physically and mentally this weekend. I did my yoga and my meditation … but without really feeling like it. When I rolled out my yoga mat it felt like a chore. Every cell in my body was screaming no, get back on the coach and binge watch something on Netflix instead! Ugh. But every time always ended the same way. Me feeling better and more energized afterwards. So if and when you have a dip in motivation (either you’re doing a challenge or not) the secret is just to stay consistent and keep doing it. Get on your mat every day. Roll it out. Sit down and take a few breaths. Then start moving. Slow in the beginning. Then maybe it turns into a full Power Vinyasa practice. Or not. Maybe a gentle restorative practice.

Yoga: Last few days has been everything from Vinyasa to Yin.

Meditation: Seated morning meditation every day. My new routine really works for me. I get up, go to the bathroom, feed the cats (I can’t meditate if my cats are hungry, they just won’t leave me alone) and then sit down on my bolster.

Self-Love: This week, just in time for Thanksgiving, I picked up my Gratitude Journal again. So I will write down three things I am grateful for every night. I can be big things or small things. It puts things in perspective when you take a moment every day to thing about the positive in your life.

Digital Detox: It’s going. Not perfect (but hey, what is) but it’s going. Making small progress every day.

Downshifting: I wrote several weeks ago that I was going to clean out my closet … that is the ultimate downshifting for me. Not that I have that big of a closet but wow do I struggle with getting rid of clothes. You know that dress that doesn’t even fit, the knitted sweater that itches, the yoga tights that are way to low cut in the waist. I am going to take this on this weekend. Stay tuned!


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