Day 29: Staying in Discomfort

Yesterday I got home from Kripalu and the Radical Healing workshop with Seane Corn. It was amazing. As expected. We did a lot of slow Vinyasa Flow with big focus on breath and with really long holds. Because it is in the long holds and the discomfort that we can see what archetypes that shows up in our head. Is it the mother (“oh honey you don’t need to do this anymore, come let’s have a cookie instead”), is it the bully (“come on you fricking looser, can’t you hold this pose you sissy”), is it the victim (“I am to old and fat and I can’t do this anymore”). What kind of voices show up? What are you doing to numb yourself or distract yourself so you don’t have to stay in the discomfort? Do you fidget, do you look around in the room, do you fantasies of what you are going to do after class … Pay attention and instead of listening to the voices and take yourself out can you just stay and feel the sensation in your body. If you take my yoga classes you know that I already talk a lot about this. It is so fascinating to me and when you figure out how to stay in discomfort, to actually deal with it and feel it. Not to freak out. Just breath. And then you notice your triggers and your discomforts in “real life” and you can take a step back, not be reactive but stay grounded and calm. It is still a challenge for me but I am practicing it …

Yoga: Two classes with Seane Corn and now one home practice.

Meditation: Walking Meditation and Seated Meditation.

Self-Love: Taking the trip to Kripalu.

Digital Detox: I think I checked my phone maybe three-four times during the workshop days. Yeay!

Downshifting: Watching the sun rise over the mountains and being 100% present for it.

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