Day 27: Going to Kripalu

seane-corn-collageToday I am driving up to Kripalu Center for Yoga Health in Stockbridge, MA. I am doing a workshop with Seane Corn, my absolute favorite yoga teacher. I have taken classes and workshops with her many times, and all I can say, if you ever get the chance to practice with her take it! She is just amazing. If you don’t have the opportunity to take he class she has some really great yoga DVD you can check out. I have the two latest Chakra Flow and Mystic Flow and I can really recommend them. Also, you can check her out at Yoga Glo (I think they have a 15 day free trial). This summer I did a three day Chakra Yoga Flow workshop with her. This time it is a workshop called “Radical Healing” and I am so looking forward to this! Also, it doesn’t hurt that the weather is picture perfect with high crisp air, blue sky and sunshine. And I get to take one more selfie with her to my collection.

Yoga: The last few days has been all gentle yoga due to back and neck pain.

Meditation: Short quit meditation in the morning + evening.

Self-Love: Just taking my practice down a notch and taking care of my back pain.

Digital Detox: It’s going really good now. It was almost like it took 20 days or so to get rid of the worse itch.

Downshifting: Simple life all around.

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