Day 24: Yoga and Injuries

day-24I have been suffering from back and neck pain the last couples of days. Or should I say suffered more than usual, since I pretty much live with back, neck and shoulder pain ever since my car accident back in February (I got rear ended on highway I91 by a young dude who was on his phone). It is hard to accept that you can no longer do what you were use to. Like running or practicing yoga poses where there is a lot of pressure on the neck, go in to deep back bends and so on. But the important thing is not to give up, not to be like “since I can’t do what I am use to doing, I am not gonna do it at all”. I might not be able to do poses like tripod headstand but I can do handstand or forearm balance. Even a supported headstand works since there is little to no pressure on the neck and spine. I might not be able to deepen my back bend practice on my Dharma Yoga Wheel but I can use a bolster or a yoga block. And instead of blowing up to full wheel I can practice bridge. And I might not be able to run, but I can still take long power walks. Some days I feel better and those days I can amp it up at bit, without going to far because that will blow up in my face the next day. Some days, like the last few days, are really bad with a stabbing pain from morning til night and then I just have to practice in a different way. There is no point in wishing things where different, comparing your body today with your body 20 years ago or to your body before the injury. Just keep practicing yoga but instead of power do gentle yoga, restorative yoga, Yin Yoga and meditation. And the most important thing, practicing letting go and just surrender to what is.

Yoga: Gentle home practice the last couple of days.

Meditation: Shorter seated meditations since sitting for longer periods of times is painful on my back.

Self-Love: Just accepting that things are the way the are and still loving my body for everything it is doing for me every day.

Digital Detox: Still a bit of a struggle. Broke my 6pm rule a fe times but am pretty good at not checking social media or e-mails before 7am so that gives me two hours in the morning to just mindfully wake up and meditate.

Downshifting: I have been saving receipts and every Monday I sit down and write down how much I spent, what I bought and if it was a “want” or a “need”. It have been helping me a lot and makes me stay mindful and aware.

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