Day 20: Love

18The last day has been filled with worry, despair, loss of hope and hate. Especially on social media. But what we need now is not more despair, separation from each other, hate or the need to be right. We need love (and to have a cup of strong coffee and get back to work). To practice yoga is to practice loving kindness to self and to others. Loving the ones that you love, like your family and your friends is easy. Well, most of the time. But loving the ones you don’t even know, loving the ones that has a different opinion than you, loving the ones that you blame for things, loving the ones that you hate. Well, that is a different story right? We start to explain and defend ourselves and the reasons why we feel the way that we feel, that “they” are wrong and “we” are right. More “us” and “them”. More separation. More suffering. But that is where the practice of loving kindness really begins. As a yoga teacher and meditation coach I talk a lot about how we are all one. In a Meta Meditation we send love, kindness and compassion to ourselves, to the ones we love, to the ones we don’t know and to all living beings. So that includes the ones we don’t like, the ones we disagree with, even the ones that we despise. Right?

Next time you walk down a street, instead of getting annoyed with that man walking too slow, that woman blowing smoke in your face, the two girls laughing to loud, the man talking on his phone … Can you start to practice loving kindness? Send one thought of love to each person you meet. You are going to be amazed on how it changes your mood and how you feel. Try it!

Yoga: Yin Yoga.

Meditation: Short guided meditation.

Self-Love: I love myself.

Digital Detox: Did some mindless scrolling during the day, but the social media rule has worked pretty good for the last few days. No scrolling before 7am and after  6pm.

Downshifting: Enjoying a cup of tea and watching the sunset.


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