Day 19: Walk in Silence

fullsizerender-12So for the longest time I could not go for a run or a walk without listening to music. If I forgot to bring my music it was like major disaster! Then a few years ago I found myself preferring listening to talk radio or podcasts. But again, forgetting to bring my phone was not an option. I came to a point when I almost turned around and went back home if I forgot my headphones or if my phone ran out on batteries. Like a true addiction right? But now I actually prefer the silence (at least when I am walking, not so sure if I am up for running in silence yet). When you are out in nature, not distracted by music or podcast talk you can hear your own thoughts and actually take in the sounds of nature. It is a pretty spectacular experience. And now I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s so nurturing for your soul to allow yourself to just plug out, log off and check in to yourself.

Yoga: Hot Power Vinyasa.

Meditation: Guided Meditation.

Self-Love: Took a long walk in the woods.

Digital Detox: No social media after 6pm. So far so good.

Downshifting: Stopping on my walk and just enjoying the warm November sun.

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