Day 17+18: No more multitasking

day-15-16Sunday and Monday all in one post. My 111 Day Challenge is still going strong. The yoga and meditation practice has been the “easiest” part of this, which I kind of expected because I have been having a regular practice for so long. But I hate to admit it, the digital detox is a struggle. I’m not gonna put myself down because I know I am getting better and better at it, but still, the struggle is worse than I expected. When you can’t control your own behavior, when what you are doing is not doing you any good in the long run (what ever it might be; drugs, alcohol, cigarette, work, shopping, social media …), when you find yourself irritable, angry and restless when you can’t do whatever it is that you are doing. Well this is the classic definition of an addiction. And yes people, most of us are addicted to our smartphones and social media. So these are my top three rules that are working for me:

1. No phone, tablet or computer before 7am or after 6pm.

2. No mindless scrolling when I am waiting for something (like in line at the grocery store, waiting for a friend, waiting in line for a coffee).

3. No so called multitasking (not looking at phone when TV is on, no cellphone in the bathroom, no phone or TV when eating). Multitasking is by the way total BS. Our brains are not made to do all these things at once, it’s not an admirable skill. Yes, you can do many things at once but your brain can only focus on one thing at a time so multitasking reduces your efficiency and performance. Yes, you might be doing two things, but you are halfassing both of them.

Yoga Sunday: Detox Flow with Seane Corn.
Yoga Monday: Home Practice.

Meditation Sunday: 30 minutes quit meditation.
Meditation Monday: 10 minutes morning and 10 minutes evening meditation.

Self-Love Sunday: Took a walk after yoga at the Shoreline.
Self-Love Monday: I have been working everyday and all weekend so I allowed myself a day off.

Digital Detox Sunday + Monday: Working on my rules (see above).

Downshifting Sunday: No music during a walk helps you to connect with nature and see all the beauty around you.
Downshifting Monday: Just enjoying a simple day of doing nothing.



2 thoughts on “Day 17+18: No more multitasking

    • Petra Axlund Stegman says:

      Hi Victoria! The whole idea with this challenge was to not only do yoga, meditation, self-love and a digital detox – but to be honest about all the struggles and ups and downs. I think it’s way to much edited, photo shopped and fake stories on social media as is. And as you say, the digital detox is hard! Good luck with yours. /Petra


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