Day 16: The internal conversation

fullsizerender-11This morning I had an inside my own head conversation, going back and forth whether I should go to yoga or not. Not a conversation if I should do yoga or not, but if I had enough energy (or maybe willpower) to go outside (it was a chilly morning) and drive to a yoga studio early on a Saturday morning. But I did … and of course did not regret it. Like never has anyone ever said “ugh, I wish I didn’t go to yoga”. I took a LivFree Power UP class with my teacher aka yoga boss aka friend Annie Q. A physically challenging power vinyasa class with deep spiritual and emotional components. After class I went up to Annie and told her it felt like I owed her for a private yoga session, everything sh said was like she was talking directly to me. It’s funny. That happens to me when I am teaching, people come up after class saying “how did you know that” and “it felt like you were talking to me” or “that was exactly what I needed to hear”. It just shows that we all humans going through the human experience. We all feel the same, love the same, suffer the same, struggle the same. We are all one.

Yoga: 90 minutes at The Yoga Shop.

Meditation: My regular morning meditation routine.

Self-Love: Hanging out at home on a Saturday night, eating good food, lighting candles, cuddeling with my fur babies and watching a good movie.

Digital Detox: Don’t know why, but today I relapsed back into mindless scrolling extravaganza. Ugh!

Downshifting: Just enjoying tonight’s beautiful sunset. The sky was on fire.

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