Day 14: Just show up

img_5616Today I posted this photo on social media with the caption “Commit to gear up, show up and then let’s take it from there”. That’s the thing, we can get overwhelmed with big life decisions, things we think we need to change or fix and if we don’t see the path clearly it’s like we get paralyzed. Since we don’t know exactly what to do and know the exact end result we end up doing nothing. Which leaves us at the same spot, not moving forward and never knowing. But most of the time in life you don’t know the final solution or even know the end goal. So what you do is to just commit to gearing up, showing up and then take it from there. Just put on your yoga pants, grab your mat, get your bum to a yoga studio or home studio, roll out your mat, sit down and breath. That is it. Just take it from there. Because the thing is it’s when you start you are on your way. You might not know to where, but you are on your way!

Yoga: Slow flow Vinyasa.

Meditation: Deepak Chopra.

Self-Love: Relaxed on my Shakti Nail Mat for 30 minutes.

Digital Detox: Turned off the unnecessary phone notifications really helped.

Downshifting: Worked from home today, took time to rest, do yoga and meditate in the middle of the day.

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