Day 13: Forgetting to blog

day-12I did not forget about the 111 Day Challenge yesterday, nor did I “fall off the wagon”. I just forgot to blog about it. Or should we be completely honest here (yes, I think we should) I remembered but it was so late by then and I was already in bed. But then again, the whole point with this challenge was never to constantly update and share, it was a journey for me to take and for you to come a long. Besides forgetting to blog about it, Day 12 turned out to be pretty good. I have struggled with some personal stuff for a while, you know just those forks in the road when you don’t know which way to go. I had a sit down with a very wise person and things started to fall into place. Sometimes you just have to say things out load and the universe or whatever kinda kicks in and takes care of things. Especially if it something you are scared off, like quitting your job, moving, ending a bad relationship … talking to someone you trust and just saying it out load is so healing. When I got home I celebrated this with a huge green juice (kale, romain, celery, cucumber, one small apple, lemon and fresh ginger). So yummy!

Yoga: Home Practice. An hour Vinyasa Flow just moving with the rhythm of my breath and doing moves that felt good. Isn’t that the best kind of practice?

Meditation: Started the 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. They are on day 4 now, but there is still time to join, I think each meditation is available for free for one week. Check it out here.

Self-Love: Met a friend for coffee.

Digital Detox: The constant notifications on my phone messes with my digital detox. I turned them off a long time ago for Facebook and Instagram. Now I am turning them off for e-mails as well (I check my e-mails several times a day anyway). The less things that pops up on my screen the better.

Downshifting: My downshifting list is almost done. I am going from room to room, methodically and determinant getting rid of stuff that I don’t need or use or that just clutters up my home and mind. I will share this with you guys soon.

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