Day 9: No Pants Day

img_4483Sunday is my favorite day off the week. It’s just such a slow and nice day to hunker down, recharge the batteries and just cuddle with my fur babies. Maybe it’s an especially nice day for me since Mondays are my day off, or should I say a day when I work with my mala business from home. Just to have a day like that is gold to me. Again, even if I work hard and long hours it’s still a day when I am in charge of my schedule. It’s a day when I can just chill around in sweat pants all day. I think we all need days like that. I think “being crazy busy” all the time is just a way for us to numb out, to not have to stop and actually feel what it is we are feel. So make a day when you don’t need to put on real pants part of your spiritual practice!

Yoga: Short gentle yoga practice on bolster and blankets.

Meditation: Quit seated meditation.

Self-Love: Hmmm … does binge watching three episodes of The Fall season 3 on Netflix count as self love? I think so.

Digital Detox: Actually turned my phone off (yes, off not on silence) at 6pm tonight. Felt a bit weird but good.

Downshifting: A long phone call with a really good friend, catching up and connecting. Those are the real important stuff in life.

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