Day 10: Double Digits Baby

img_9656Yeah baby … we are at double digits in the 111 Day Challenge! And I just finished my day of doing nothing (like I wrote yesterday Mondays are my day off, when I work from home, and not having to put on real pants). I spent a lot of the day actually doing nothing. Some days just calls for doing nothing. Well, nothing besides cleaning the house, doing laundry, coloring my my hair dark, answering e-mails, planning upcoming fun events. But I stuck to the no real pants rule all day. I actually wore my pajama t-shirt and sweat pants from waking up to bedtime. It is not only comfy – it saves a lot of time. You roll out of bed and your outfit for the day is done, and at night you are ready for bed right away.

Yoga: Super chill gentle yoga.

Meditation: A long quit meditation (did not time it, but closer to 45 minutes).

Self-Love: Gave myself permission to take a chill day.

Digital Detox: Did GOOD today. Not a lot of time on phone, and just one hour on computer.

Downshifting: Just enjoying doing nothing is everything.

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