Day 8: Hot Yoga

yoga girl 3So we are officially on week two on the 111 Day Challenge. The last few days has been a struggle for me, so yesterday and today I decided I needed to get out of the home yoga studio and go take a class. I love my home practice, it is actually my favorite practice these days, but sometimes you need to get to a studio, take a class and be a part of a community. Even an introvert like myself knows that. So this morning I drove to Balanced Yoga to take class with my teacher Lori, one of the first teachers I found when I first moved to the US from Sweden. I’ve been practicing with her for almost nine years now I think, and during my first YTT she was like a mentor to me. After class I drove home, started to make a few special order malas and just chilling. After dinner I made myself a cup of hot coco and watched an episode of Midsummer Murders on Netflix. A pretty good Saturday if you ask me.

Yoga: 90 minutes Hot Power Vinyasa at Balanced Yoga.

Meditation: 20 minutes quit meditation.

Self-Love: Driving 45 minutes to take a yoga class is self-love to me.

Digital Detox: Today was a bit better than yesterday, but I still tend to scroll around on social media when I get bored or restless. Work in progress.

Downshifting: Working on my big downshifting plan, going through each room at a time. I might even create a pdf worksheet for you guys if you are interested? If there is anything I am really good at it’s de-cluttering. Maybe a brand new career for me?

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