Day 7: Power It Up

Ifullsizerender-8n Ayurveda they say; if you are cold put on a sweater. If you are hot, take off a layer. Sometimes it’s like that, you feel one way and you need to adjust accordingly. Just because you feel cold it does not mean you have to stay out in the cold, do the opposite to change that feeling. So sometimes you feel hyper and energized, but what you need the most is a yin yoga class. And sometimes you feel sluggish, but you need a power yoga class to get back in balance. Days you don’t want to roll out your yoga mat, then that is exactly what you need. To stay on the couch and stay in your head is rarely a good thing. Today I took Happy Hour with my teacher Kim at The Yoga Shop of South Windsor. She has so much energy and this happy hour class is very upbeat, fun and powerful. Beforehand I did not feel like at at all, but I know this was exactly what I needed. Never has anyone ever regretted taking a yoga class.

Yoga: Power Happy Hour at The Yoga Shop.

Meditation: Short quit mantra meditation.

Self-Love: Made homemade veggie soup that I ate with fresh baked sourdough bread. Love!

Digital Detox: Ugh, this has turned out to be such a challenge. I did put my phone away but felt a constant nagging feeling of something missing. Our devices are truly an addiction and it’s no bueno!

Downshifting: Today I made a list of things I am going to donate, throw out or put away in storage. I will go from room to room, starting in the kitchen, then bathrooms, living room, office, bedroom and finally the walk in closet (I know this is going to be the hardest one so I thought I needed the practice first).

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