Day 6: 11:11

image-2As I wrote in my first post about my 111 Day Challenge, I see the number 11 like all the time and like everywhere. Today I had a haircut appointment, and as I was sitting and waiting for my hair color to be done I glanced down on the phone and yes … it was 11:11. Later when I got home and walked into the kitchen the timer on the microwave showed 1:11. As I wrote in my first post the number 11 symbolizes spiritual awakening, enlightenment, high energy, inspiration, intuition and self-expression. It tells you to connect with your higher self, to live your soul mission, life purpose and follow our heart. When you see the number 11 it’s just a reminder for you to pay attention to your thoughts, your intentions and to the path you are walking. For me it’s a sign that the Universe has your back and everything is going to be ok.

Yoga: Detox Flow with Seane Corn

Meditation: Guided Meditation with Deepak Chopra

Self-Love: Took time to sit down with a cup of jasmin tea and raw, vegan macaroons.

Digital Detox: A bit better than the last few days, had the phone on do not disturb after 6pm.

Downshifting: Went to bed early and just listen to the rain. I love the rain, especially at night.

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