Day 5: The Ups and Downs

img_5536During a yoga challenge (and in life in general) there are good days and bad days. Some days you are just filled with energy, and some days you feel low. Some days it’s because of a something specific that happened during the day, some days you just feel off. We all have them, right? The ups and downs are just part of life. So what do we do on those down days? I am the type of person that tend to wanna crawl under the comforter when I have a bad day. Like what’s the point kinda days. And during a yoga challenge, since that is what I am doing right now, I can get an overwhelming feeling that I just wanna skip it. Like why do I have to do this everyday, what is the purpose? Nobody’s gonna know if I skip a day. Usually those days come around week three or so. At least that has been my experience when I’ve done 40 day yoga challenges. So the trick is to roll out your mat with no expectations. Just roll it out, sit or lay down and breath. You don’t even have to get up or move at all. Being on your mat, breathing and just practicing loving kindness is your yoga of the day. What tends to happen is that when you are on your mat you kinda want to start moving.

That is what I did today. Rolled out my mat and just sat there. I sat until I could start to let go of my day and the negative thoughts. And eventually it just felt right to move. And after moving, shifting energies and releasing tensions it always feels better. Always.

Yoga: Gentle Yoga.

Meditation: Just a short five minutes guided meditation.

Self-Love: Listening to my body and not forcing anything.

Digital Detox: Did not go so good today. Had a lot of down time between yoga class and private client and I ended up with a lot of mindless scrolling. Also I felt off today so the mindless scrolling was for sure a way to numb out. At least I am aware of it …

Downshifting: Drinking my sleepytime vanilla tea in my favorite tea mug. Simple pleasures.

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