Day 4: Walk in the Woods

imageSo today did not got the way I planned it. In a good way. I was so tired when the alarm went off this morning at 5am. I did not sleep very well (I suffer from back pain from my car accident a few months back and it can keep me up at night). So my plan was to teach yoga in the morning, go home and rest before my afternoon class. But I got so much energy from teaching and the sun was shining – so instead I took a long walk in West Hartford Water Resevoir. It was so nice and it gave me way more energy than a nap. So going to my afternoon class I felt great. And the plan when I got home was to take a slow gentle practice – but it turned into a 90 minutes powerful practice. It’s so nice when you are open and going with the flow. Not being stuck to what the plan was.

Yoga: 90 minutes power Home Practice.

Meditation: 30 minutes morning meditation + 20 minutes evening meditation. Both quite meditations.

Self-Love: One hour walk in the woods.

Digital Detox: Checked phone this morning and then pretty much stayed off it all day.

Downshifting: A walk in the woods is all you need.

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