Day 3: Home Practice

day-3Today the plan was to go take a class at a yoga studio, but as you know life happens. So I ended up doing a sweet vinyasa flow here at the so called home studio. I was just moving in ways that felt good, with no real plan, and then a little handstand play at the end. Right after that I sat down on my meditation chair for a 20 minutes quit meditation. It was quit on the outside, but not on the inside. Today my brain was on fire. So many thoughts. So much thinking and analyzing. It’s like watching a ping-pong ball bounce around in a room. But the last 5 minutes I got in to a zen-ish place and it felt good. The thing with meditation is that some days you are zen and some days you are not – and not to label, judge or criticize them either way. As you can see on the photo, my cat Selma has a pretty cool meditation practice as well. Cat’s really know how to be present and just chill, right?

Yoga: 30 minutes Home Practice.

Meditation: 20 minutes quit meditation.

Self-Love: I’m going to bed early, tuck myself in and read a good book. If that ain’t love I don’t know what.

Digital Detox: I’m still struggling with this mindless scrolling thing. I find myself feeling like a deep weird “need” to check Facebook and Instagram. The question is why do we need to constantly know what everybody else is doing, if anybody liked what we were doing and what is it that we need to be distracted from like all the time? My no devices after 6pm did not work today (it’s almost 7pm and here I am typing on the computer). But right after this I am turning everything off.

Downshifting: Mondays are my work from home days so I guess me slacking around in pretty much sweatpants and pajama t-shirt all day is a kind of downshifting. A simple day at home, no spending, no musts or shoulds.

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