Day 2: Studying Yoga

day-2So we’re at day 2 of the 111 Day Challenge. This morning I taught a yoga class at The Yoga Shop of Old Saybrook. As a yoga teacher you give a lot when you’re teaching to a big group so I was kinda tired when I got back home. Took a few hours just chillaxing, eating lunch and cuddling with cats. The yoga practice today was a home practice (my favorite these days). I read somewhere that when you take a yoga class at a studio you are studing yoga under that teacher, but it is when you are home doing your own yoga alone that you are practicing. For some reason that really resonated with me. When I practice alone I can really tap into what I need and what feels good. Today I did a shorter flowing vinyasa sequence with a few sun salutations, standing and balancing poses – then I took it down to the mat and played around a bit with back bends and inversions on my Dharma Yoga Wheel and after that some real slow Yin Yoga poses, just long holds of half pigeon, forward fold, reclined twist and child’s pose – all on a bolster. So yummy and exactly what I needed. I ended with a quit seated meditation.

I hope your second day went well. Let me know! Comment below.


DAY 2/111

Yoga: Home Practice.

Meditation: 25 minutes quit meditation.

Self-Love: Right after pressing send on this blog post I am making myself a bubble bath with Dr Teals Lavender Epsom Salt. I’m still a bit sore after yesterdays yoga class so it’s going to be so lovely.

Digital Detox: I’ve only been on Social Media for work today. No mindless scrolling. The plan is to keep it that way throughout the evening. And the TV is not getting turned on until Westword starts on HBO tonight. A Digital Detox for me is not to completely disconnect. It’s about being mindful and cutting down on the mindless time on different devices.

Downshifting: As I was outside walking I stopped to just feel the warm fall sun on my face and look up at the blue sky and all the beautiful leaves. This is what makes me calm and happy. This is the simple life.


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