Day 1: Here We Go!

yoga 2So the first day of my 111 Day Challenge is almost over. It went really well and I feel really good. I know this is not going to be the case every single day. I am going to have days when I am resisting everything. Days when I don’t wanna roll out my mat, days when I don’t feel like meditating and days when expressing self-love is going to be a real challenge. But that’s ok. That is part of this journey and part of the process. All I am going to do is just do it. Without too much thinking or analyzing. And then I am going to share it with you guys. The good, the bad, the ugly. I will share the ups and the downs. I will be raw and honest. I can promise you that this is NOT going to be “a ferry tale everything is perfect and glittery rainbows and unicorn kittens story”. We all follow those people on social media, and even though we know that it’s not true it can still put pressure on us. We just don’t feel good about ourselves after reading. It gives us a feeling of not being good enough. So don’t worry. There will be none of that here. And also … go ahead and un-follow all of those people right now! Let that be a part of your Digital Detox.

I will keep each days blog short (unless I have a million things to share) and I will keep this template below on each day. It’s a way to make it easy to read and follow for you guys, but also an easy way to me to go back and read and follow my own process.

How did your day go? Are you doing the challenge (doesn’t matter for how long)? Did anything I wrote trigger stuff or thoughts  within you? Did you agree of did you get provoked? Maybe you don’t get the point with this whole thing at all. I wanna hear from you! Leave a comment below

DAY 1/111

Yoga: 90 minutes Hot Power Vinyasa at Balanced Yoga with my teacher Lori.

Meditation: 15 minutes focused attention meditation.

Self-Love: Got so tired in the afternoon, since I’ve been up since 5am, and took a nap. Best kind of self-love ever. Especially hard for me since I am an A-type personality that pretty much has a nagging feeling that I need to get things done like all the time.

Digital Detox: Allowed myself a total of 60 minutes on Social Media today. A few times my hand was unconsciously looking to grab the phone for mindless scrolling but I stopped myself. It’s scary how hard this is! Today at 6pm the computer gets turned off and the phone put away. Let’s see how this one goes …

Downshifting: I started a new system that will make me more aware off what I buy. I am writing down everything I buy in a notebook in one column, and in the other column I will write down the feeling accossiated with it. Like how it made me feel in the moment, how I felt afterwards, if it was something I needed or just wanted. Just to bring more awareness to my shopping habits. This will not be as hard to me since I rarely go shopping and never really liked it. Going to the mall with girlfriends is like a nightmare to me. But I still can bring more awareness and mindfulness to this.


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